Wrapped Up with a Bow

A Crosscannon Erotic Short

“Wrapped Up” is the story that set CRD fiction in motion. Its writing and editing appear amateurish next to its followup, Kat & Mouse, but it’s CRD history and a fun little bonus tale. Originally published January 2018.

A month has passed since the tournament in Portland—since that moment in the locker room when Lynn really noticed Jet for the first time. She developed a bit of a crush on her friend and teammate and hasn’t been able to shake it. One cold evening in December, Jet shows up at Lynn’s home with a delivery. Little do either of them know, however, that the real gift will turn out not to be the one Jet has in her bag, but the magic they find in one another’s arms. Unwrapping your presents has never been so much fun!

Ebook removed from sale. Might be offered again in the future, following revisions to bring quality up to the level of Kat & Mouse.