Kat & Mouse Preview Available Now!

Read chapters 1-3 of Kat & Mouse, the forthcoming debut novel by Jacquelyn Heat!
(various formats available—visit the K&M page for links)

Kat & Mouse is a lesbian romance set against the backdrop of the modern flat track roller derby world. Written by a skater, with a derby audience in mind, it aims to feel authentic to those who know the sport, culture, and community.

“Is K&M accessible to romance fans who are unfamiliar with derby?”

Occasional gameplay scenes may challenge non-derby folk to keep up, but they need not follow every nuance of the action in order to understand the effect on the story and characters. For the truly curious, however, a “New Recruit FAQ” (Derby-101) is provided in the appendix. Test readers have enjoyed K&M both with and without the assistance of the FAQ.

“Does K&M sensationalize or eroticize roller derby?”

No and no. Jacquelyn Heat strives to preserve the rules and nature of the sport, never compromising its authenticity for dramatic purposes. The story does contain graphic romance scenes between characters who happen to be involved in the sport. But derby itself and the concept of the derby skater are never portrayed as being erotic in nature.

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