Kat & Mouse has the bones of a romance, but the human interest stories built upon that romance are the muscle and the beating heart of this book.

Katrina Brooks is a gifted photographer and an excellent roller derby referee. When she’s wearing her stripes, she’s focused and professional—and she rarely misses a call. Problem is, Kat’s got her eye on a “Mouse” who has a knack for getting into trouble.

Dorothy Mauser (Dot) is a trash-picking junk artist with a big heart but a volatile temper. She’s also the most penalty-heavy skater in Crosscannon Roller Derby. Far from realizing our ref has a thing for her, Dot thinks Kat has it in for her.

As Kat prepares her work for display at Crosscannon Pridefest, Dot gets a chance to see her true colors. A tentative collaboration between these two artists quickly reveals a mutual attraction. But with playoffs on the horizon, their newfound connection may not survive their on-the-track tension—or the deeper insecurities it brings to light. Can Kat and Mouse overcome the instincts driving them apart? Or, for them, is animosity just the nature of the game?

The arcs for both these characters are woven so well into the story. There is a realism in their stories that I gravitate toward.

Caitlin Ryan, The Lesbian Review

This is a very very good and powerful book. One I’d absolutely like to recommend. … The story and the development deserve every 5 stars available. I am definitely looking forward to book two of the series.

Mari Stark, Rainbow Literary Society

I’m impressed by her writing and the depth of the story. I sure will read more from Ms. Heat. … I’m looking forward to the second book.

Sandra, LezReviewBooks.com

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